Smart Dashboards

Emformance provides visually appealing yet powerful dashboards to portray your data and analytics for all staff level. These access controlled dashboards give you the ability to track and prioritize your performance both at individual and organizational level.

Over see all your analytics in one place.

High-level overview of your OKR, Goals and Operations task all in one place! Keep the business running smoothly as clockwork by bringing all customized Dashboard of major activities, no matter who they are assigned to. See at a glance that everything has been handled!

Integrated Vision of Dashboards

We call them smart dashboards and why is that so? Emformance is based on a comprehensive interconnected chain of algorithms that communicate data across the whole system in a flick. Smart Dashboards show you all the information which you require to see at a particular instance all connected to the brain of the system. Staying on top of decision making and prioritizing in no time.

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