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Korxan Solutions is a 360 IT, Software Development and Cybersecurity company with a mission to boost productivity, efficiency and revenue for our client's businesses. We continue to push the envelope by developing innovative customer-centric software solutions tailored to our client's business needs.

With the world getting back to normal after COVID times and industries adapting the hybrid models for their staff and skilled resources now there is a big challenge for all the industries to manage their employee's productivity and outcome. Which require modern solutions that would help these firms maintain and increase their productivity and performance. Emformance is a data-driven performance management SaaS application with built-in AI capabilities that help organizations make timely decisions while empowering employees to perform at their maximum capacity. Emformance provides organizations with enhanced capabilities to drive business growth by aligning vision, goals, programs, project tasks, and performance. Emformance gives leaders a birds-eye view of the organization's overall health while also providing employees with predictable processes, measurable outcomes, visual dashboards, and continuous 360 feedback. Developed as a SaaS product, Emformance aims to solve the below challenges:

  • Identify issues with employees and department performance before it’s late to act.
  • Emformance provides solutions to the year-end performance evaluation process.
  • Provides a robust Analytics, Reporting Dashboards for better decision making.
  • AI-based recommendation on Processes/Skills loop-hole identification and improvements.
  • Smart Goal Setting, Team Management, and Real-time feedback management are tied to projects, tasks, and goals.
  • Financial forecast.
  • Realistic peer reviews and reviews of supervisors, projects, and organization heads.
  • Project Management complimenting the overall goal and objectives.
  • Work Efficiency management to boost productivity .
  • Data mining capabilities.
  • One-click solution to customize and select the year-end performance review across the entire organization.
  • Intelligent Reports and AI-based recommendations with a transparent multi-level Feedback module .
  • Better Decision Making with Decision Tree Algorithms based on real-time data.

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